Commissioning to support self-management of long term conditions

This workshop looked at how to commission prevention programmes based on person centred care to manage long term conditions. 

The case studies considered in this workshop included the Experts Patients Programme in Kingston CCG, Islington CCG’s journey towards collaborative care and South Norfolk CCG’s mindfulness pilot. 

Workshop outcomes:

  • How to commission effective self-management support to manage long term conditions 
  • How to develop an action plan to implement prevention programmes using peer learning
  • How to incentivise and measure the impact of person centred care programmes 

Key learning:

  • Listening to patients and helping them understand their condition is crucial – this is about coaching, and then converting that into action
  • To deliver a quality self-management programme takes time – pilots need to be longer than one year
  • The challenge with measuring outcomes is knowing which ones are shared and which ones can be attributed to the programme

This workshop has been delivered.  To enquire about options for future delivery please contact us via the Get in Touch tab.

Resource pack

South Norfolk CCG – pain managment pilot

Kingston CCG – Expert Patients Programme

Islington CCG – Collaborative Care

Islington CCG – House of Care

Action planning sheet

Further reading


 Commissioning to support self-management