Commissioning prevention programmes to reduce demand

This workshop explored how to embed prevention programmes based on person centred care to reduce demand.

The case studies considered in this workshop included the social prescribing project in Rotherham and use of an Innovation Fund by City and Hackney CCG.

Workshop outcomes:

  • How to commission effective self-management support to prevent ill health and reduce demand
  • How to develop an action plan to implement prevention programmes using peer learning
  • How to incentivise and measure the impact of person centred care programmes 

Key learning:

  • Allow space for innovation and action learning between the voluntary and statutory sector
  • Social prescribing highlights the gap between patient need and support available in the community.  This is a valuable commissioning tool and impetus to open discussions with partners.

This workshop has been delivered.  To enquire about options for future delivery please contact us via the Get in Touch tab.

Resource pack


 Rotherham CCG – social prescribing pilot

 Rotherham CCG – social prescribing project – summary

 Rotherham CCG – social prescribing project – leaflet

 City and Hackney CCG – Innovation Fund

 Resource list

 Action Planning sheet


 Commissioning prevention programmes – presentation