Building a business case to support person centred commissioning

This workshop explored how to build a business case to support person centred commissioning.  

Workshop outcomes: 

  • Understand the strategic work required to create a commissioning culture that supports person centred care
  • Develop the negotiating, influencing and persuading skills required
  • Explore how to embed and scale up innovative practice
  • Complete an action plan that can be applied in your CCG

 Key learning:

  • Commissioners need to think about the assets in their community
  • Person centred care needs innovative thinking
  • Don’t forget narrative – for example, videos, explanations of the small differences, and case studies.

‘Healthcare professionals need to change to deliver this more person-centred approach and as a commissioners I would like to see more evidence of it in practice. We are so used to a paternalistic style. It is how we have been taught and what we see in practice, and what many patients expect’  

(London CCG manager)

Resource pack

Stakeholder audit

Action planning sheet


Building a business case