Working with patients in co-design

If patients and carers are involved in the design and delivery of tools and approaches that will be of most value to them, they are more likely to use them.

Co-design – or co-production – is a way of working where decision-makers and citizens or patients work together to create a decision, approach or service that best meets all their different needs and perspectives.  The approach is value-driven and built on the principle thta those affected by the decision, approach or service are those best qualified to help design it.

This co-design approach was tested with a number of CCG Early Adopter and Regional Action sites – the practical learning from this work is shared below:


Peer support framework: Brighton and Hove CCG

Co-design workshops: Brighton and Hove CCG

Diabetes care: Crawley CCG and Horsham and Mid-Sussex CCG

Co-design Workshops: Crawley CCG and Horsham and Mid Sussex CCG

Weight management: Herefordshire CCG

Co-design workshops: Herefordshire CCG

Peer support model: West Kent CCG


Patients as partners in developing self management solutions – Resource pack and toolkit:

Includes guidance on establishing a co-design approach to developing the future model of patient-centric self-management support plus development materials, templates and examples to support each element of the process.

Guide to capturing patient and carer insights

Guide to co-design

Report on working with the voluntary and community sector (RAISE)

Templates for working with the voluntary and community sector (RAISE)