Directory of levers to embed person centred commissioning

A guide to help commissioners increase the uptake of person centred service provision by providers, practitioners and patients. 

Achieving widespread adoption of new health care delivery models requires a significant change in the behaviours of practitioners, providers, patients and many others. Engaging with these audiences and supporting them to take part in your programme is essential to successful adoption.

This resource takes commissioners and practitioners through the incentives and levers available to put patients in control of their own care. 

The resource considers the following types of incentives and levers:

  • Systems and processes – how contractual and financial mechanisms within the NHS can be applied to specify how individual practitioners and providers deliver care.
  • Attitudes and behaviours – how practitioners and patients can be engaged to increase their motivation and ability to take part in your programme.

This guide was researched and developed by Office for Public Management (OPM).

Resource guide 

Putting Patients in Control Incentivising Uptake