Planning engagement for major service change: the law of consultation

The course addresses the statutory and common law requirements to engage and consult, that NHS and Social Care commissioners and providers must fulfil.  It covers recent judicial reviews and explains how current best practice can help NHS make changes and improvements in challenging times.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the legislative and statutory provisions affecting service change
  • Consider the particular characteristics of facility closure scenarios
  • Understand the doctrine of ‘legitimate expectations’ and the ‘Gunning Principles’
  • Appreciate the reasons for involving stakeholders in the options development process
  • Understand best practice in engaging statutory consultees (Health and Wellbeing Boards,Overview & Scrutiny Committees, Healthwatch etc)
  • Recognise the importance of equalities analysis – and its preparation at the right time
  • Absorb the lessons from the Independent Re-configuration Panel’s caseload
  • Learn practical techniques to assess political and operational risks – in time to minimise them.



Planning for major service change – understanding the law of consultation