“Feel renewed enthusiasm, less isolated in doing this work.”PPP Workshops
“One of the most useful training days I have ever experienced (and I’ve been to a lot!). Many thanks.”

In partnership with the Consultation Institute (tCI), we offer five interactive and enjoyable workshops to help you grow your capability and best practice around patient and public participation in health and care.

Foundation in engagement for health and care services – This compact half-day course will provide you with the baseline competencies that all those working for a CCG now require and is equally relevant for all those working in health planning and service delivery.
NEW COURSE: Understanding the value of engagement – an interactive half-day course to give you a firm grasp of the legislative context, benefits and practicalities of engagement.  Details and materials will be available on the site soon.
Empowering citizens and patients to participate – This enjoyable half-day course supports citizens and patients to develop the confidence and understanding of the health system so that they can participate more effectively in decision making processes.
How to measure the impact of engagement on the ground – A practical hands-on review of assessing the impact of public engagement within the health system, considering the strategic as well as practical issues.
Planning engagement for major service change – the law of consultation – This rewarding full-day workshop addresses the statutory and common law requirements to engage and consult, that NHS and care commissioners and providers must fulfil.


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Engagement through the commissioning cycle – An overview of the role of engagement at various stages of the commissioning cycle and how this supports better commissioning. Also covers the legal duties and policy framework.  We are not currently offering this workshop. Materials are available here for information.